Real estate in general, can be an adventure. After all, you have made a decision to move. Whether you are leaving a rental apartment and becoming a first-time buyer, or you are selling your home and buying another…it’s an adventure. Now, it’s my job to make it be a fun, stress-free adventure. Not one filled with quick-sand or land mines!!!

But there is another kind of real estate adventure….for me. And that is launching a new website. And still keeping your old one. It’s like having a car that does not have Bluetooth capabilities, and now one that does. You know, you can’t do a fraction of what you can in the car without the Bluetooth than you can in the car that has it. So, this new site is much like that. It’s a learning process. For me. And even for you. So I hope you will join me on this adventure.

A new opportunity for me to provide you with a place to search for your new home, and get up-to-date real estate information. I’m learning how it all works, and I hope I can learn FASTER than you, so when you ask me a question about how to do something here, I’ll be able to answer it. Also, keep in mind…it takes time to build community pages, and write blog posts….even this one. But, it’s a journey…an adventure and if you have made it this far, I hope you are along for the ride.

Let’s get going, and find your new home!


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