Frequently Asked Question #21

Does Your Agent Know WHERE Your Home Is?

Well, that sounds like a stupid question, right? Well, yes and no.

Listing MistakesCertainly, they know your home is at 123 Main Street (the classic generic example to use) because they drove to your home to meet with you. But that is not exactly how a BUYER’S AGENT will find your home. They will first search for it in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) This is were WE, the agents, actually put in listings, that later a BUYER will find on sites like, or Zillow, or even right here at!

Now, my particular business model allows me to directly input a listing into the MLS. Many other brokerages require the listing be entered into the MLS by an office manager, or some other individual. Whether it’s Me, or them, guess what, a mistake CAN happen.

Word of Caution — Mistakes on your listing can be very costly! Let’s start with the location.

When we list property For Sale in the MLS, we list it in an “area” that has been predetermined by the MLS. We have a map to use as a guideline. And we have to be careful if your home is close to the line between one area and another. We do have the ability to list your home in BOTH so it can be found. (If the MLS allows for this) But what happens if your home is listed in THE WRONG AREA!  Take a look at the map below, which is part of the First Multiple Listing Service – FMLS) map that we use to locate the area where your home is:

Does Your Agent Know Where Your Home is

Listing Your Home in the Wrong AreaThis morning, I found a listing, on our sister website,, that has a condominium listed in Area 33 (circled in red) and it’s actually located in Area 23, circled in black. Whoops! Now, the “2” and the “3” are side-by-side on the keyboard, so it’s an easy mistake. But a costly one for you the Seller.

Your Home May Not Get Found!!! I’m not going to go into the process of how we can search, but some agents like myself, have pre-built searches for areas, or condos, etc. that we use on a regular basis. This particular listing is not going to show up in my search, because it’s in the wrong area.

The listing was just put in on Saturday. But in this Seller’s Market with low inventory, this Seller may have lost at least TWO DAYS of valuable marketing time. We hope the agent will be looking at their listing this morning, and correcting this mistake QUICKLY!! We will be watching, and letting you know with an update as to when this get corrected.

But just goes to show you, not all real estate professionals are alike!

If you are looking to sell your Atlanta home or condominium, why not give me a call. And let’s talk about it!

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