Amazon HQ2 at Assembly Doraville

Potential Campus for GE Relocation

The development world is all abuzz with the recent announcement from Amazon that they plan to build a second headquarters somewhere in the U.S. (Toronto is on the list as well. ) What’s the buzz about?

The Specifications of Amazon’s HQ2

  • The Project is a second corporate headquarters (HQ2), at which Amazon will hire as many as fifty thousand (50,000) new full-time employees with an average annual total compensation exceeding one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) over the next ten to fifteen years, following commencement of operations. The Project is expected to have over $5 billion in capital expenditures
  • In choosing the location for HQ2, Amazon has a preference for:
    • x Metropolitan areas with more than one million people
    • A stable and business-friendly environment
    • Urban or suburban locations with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent
    • Communities that think big and creatively when considering locations and real estate options
  • HQ2 could be, but does not have to be:
    • An urban or downtown campus
    • A similar layout to Amazon’s Seattle campus
    • A development-prepped site. We want to encourage states/provinces and communities to think creatively for viable real estate options, while not negatively affecting our preferred timeline

Some additional information about the SIZE of this potential development gets any developer and city excited!!!

Amazon HQ2 at Assembly Doraville

Where In Atlanta Could This Be?

Further in their Request For Proposal, they reference a site with 100 acres. Couple that with the above site requirements, and one site in Atlanta quickly comes to mind….Assembly Doraville! Curbed Atlanta also has a great article about some of the other prime contenders in this race!

With the exception of the site not being “shovel-ready” it has just about every other part. Access to I-285 and I-85. Access to MARTA (if the covered street extending Park Avenue is built into the site). Building highrise buildings on the Campus portion of the site would give Amazon the ability to custom build a corporate campus that could be connected at the street level or through plazas on top of any garage or a sky bridge between buildings.

The map below shows the amount of the Assembly site that has yet to have any development on it….certainly large enough!

Could Amazon HQ2 Land at Assembly Doraville

Of course the location offers MARTA access to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (WITH NO CHANGE OF TRAINS~!) as well as the same MARTA line would give access to the GATech campus and the talent pool as well as the various incubators that are going on there.

Over the years, I’ve written numerous articles about the Assembly site. You can find them HERE and HERE.

Additionally, we post information on Facebook at Downtown Doraville, Living Near Third Rail Studios and Living Near Assembly Doraville.

If you would like more information about the Doraville and Chamblee areas, just let me know!!!

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