Atlanta Nature Trails and Day TripsWe live in a big city. A really big city. We are fortunate to have a pretty nice tree cover, so it makes Atlanta seem less like a big city. Well, until you drive somewhere, right? One thing we do as residents, is forget about some of the cool things we have, right in our back yard. (No, I don’t mean your pool!)

Atlanta Area Parks and Day Trips

The Atlanta area is filled with all kinds of parks. Some of them are really neighborhood parks, and rarely used. (Take a peak at Autumn or Brook Park in the Northwoods neighborhood in Doraville…you hardly ever see anyone in the actual park! But the are designed to be passive neighborhood parks with minimal facilities.) But there are lots, and lots of other parks around Atlanta, and many of them you probably have never heard of. When Atlanta people think parks, we think of the Big Ones….Piedmont, Centennial Olympic, Chastain, etc. But their really ARE many other options, and within or around those parks are some great nature trails.

Just today, I stumbled on a pretty awesome website, As the site will inform you, there are some 30 nature trails inside the I-285 Perimeter!!!! Who knew? What a great opportunity to get out of your townhome or condo and get some outdoor living, all while exploring via Atlanta Area Parks and Day Trips. It’s just another cool part of living in Atlanta that we overlook. I mean just LOOK at this map! (It’s not an active map here…go to the ATLNature site to check it out!

Atlanta Parks and Day Trips

The site also goes into some great Day Trips from Atlanta….I’ve been meaning to take some of these…and I’m still meaning to take them. Grab some great To-Go food from your local Kroger, Publix or Whole Foods and make a great trip out of it. (Maybe toss in some wine, but don’t be drinking and driving!)

Gosh, even as far back as August, 2015, Curbed Atlanta had an article about Atlanta’s Secret Gardens and Green Space.  

So, it’s not like we haven’t talked about all this outdoor “greatness” we have right here in Atlanta…but maybe it’s good to remind us (and ME) of what’s out there, and get out and explore. Hey, Spring and Summer are just around the corner. I really, really need to dig out that cool wicker picnic basket I have in the garage and use it a bit more!

Get out and enjoy the outdoors and Atlanta Area Parks and Day Trips!


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