Best Small Towns in GeorgiaAs much as I love the ATL, or you love the ATL….we all know….sometimes we just need to get away! Right? 

Whether it’s a day trip out of the city to the mountains, or a dash to Lake Lanier or Lake Sinclair….or even a weekend trip, we all like to head out of the Big City! You might even check out Atlanta Parks and Day Trips.

What also is fun, is finding those out-of-the-way places that are fun. I personally love places like Social Circle and Madison to the East of Atlanta, or maybe Dahlonega or Gatlinburg to the North. And of course, where are these Best Small Towns in other states?

Well, a great online publication we follow, Thrillist, has come to the rescue. (In fact, they do so quite often!) So, let’s look at what they have to say about The Best Small Towns to Visit in All 50 States…and we will pick up on those locations around Georgia!

Georgia — Speaking Of!

And the Thrillist pick from Georgia is our quaint little town of….Helen.

“When you think of wine country and Bavarian towns, one place naturally comes to mind: the Blue Ridge Mountains. No? Well, you, my friend, have never been to Helen, the quirkiest little town in the Peach State. Turning onto the main drag is like apparating from the Deep South to the German Alps in two seconds flat. The street is lined with chocolatiers, biergartens, and souvenir shops that’ll have you thinking you’re in Europe. Outside town are a handful of wineries where visitors learn that “Georgia Wine” isn’t just a nice way of saying moonshine. It’s also set right on the Chattahoochee River, which means plenty of rafting, fishing, and hiking. If you can’t make it in the summer, Oktoberfest here is appropriately huge. — M.M.”

Alabama — Gulf Shores

“In a crown jewel of the Redneck Riviera and home of the annual Hangout Music Festival, there’s a lot more than music and good-ole-boys. This Gulf of Mexico beach town surprisingly boasts one of the best zoos in America, where encounters with animals like lemurs and monkeys are cheaper and last longer than at most. It also borders Gulf State Park, the best state park in Alabama, which lost its iconic zipline but added substantial bike trails. The city also in 2016 got its first brewery, Big Beach Brewing, and is home to one of the world’s best beachside burgers at Pink Pony. — Matt Meltzer, Thrillist contributor”

Florida — St. Augustine

“Florida isn’t known for embracing history above, say, swaths of condominiums. But St. Augustine is the rare patch of the Sunshine State that showcases its roots. The oldest permanent settlement in America is most easily recognized by the Castillo de San Marcos, an epic Spanish fort sitting right on Matanzas Bay, the oldest of its kind in the contiguous States. It’s but a precursor to the charm of the Old City, where 18th- and 19th-century buildings remind us of a time when Florida was but a small southern outpost of the bigger colonies. Now it’s filled with bars and restaurants (many of which are rumored to be haunted) that make St. Augustine one of the state’s best destinations for nightlife. And if all that history gets old, it’s still Florida, so white sandy beaches are just a short drive over the Bay. — M.M.”

North Carolina: Beaufort

“Coastal North Carolina swarms with idyllic beach towns: Wrightsville Beach, Hatteras Island, Seaside. The best-rounded of them is Beaufort, where antebellum architecture and farmers markets under oak trees meet serene Southern coastline and vast, open prairies. Watch the sun rise over the ocean, then head out deep-sea fishing, dolphin-watching, or driving through fields full of wild horses. The wilderness here is actually wild, and while the houses along the shoreline are quaint, nothing ever feels crowded. When you can end the day with a waterfront sunset in the same spot you watched a waterfront sunrise, it’s a pretty special place. — M.M.”

We’ll let you get the rest of the scoop on all the other locations in the article, The Best Small Towns To Visit in All 50 States. 

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We love Atlanta! We love helping people find just the right place to call HOME in Atlanta. But when you need to get away, well, hope we gave you some ideas!

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