Final Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay Public Meeting

The Final Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay Public Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 19th at 6:30pm at Brookhaven City Hall. What Is the Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay? From the Draft Document ... DIVISION 3. - /PRO, PEACHTREE ROAD OVERLAY DISTRICT Sec. 27-1373. -...

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Does Your Agent Know WHERE Your Home Is?

Frequently Asked Question #21 Does Your Agent Know WHERE Your Home Is? Well, that sounds like a stupid question, right? Well, yes and no. Certainly, they know your home is at 123 Main Street (the classic generic example to use) because they drove to your home to meet...

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Atlanta Real Estate Buyers Guide The Home Inspection

In our next part of our Atlanta Real Estate Buyers Guide The Home Inspection...we'll talk about just that. The Home Inspection. When you purchase ANY Atlanta Real Estate, an important step in that process is getting a home inspection, whether it's a single family home...

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What CITY Is Your Home Listed In?

Your first thought is ,"Well's listed in _________" (fill in the blank for your city) Oh? What City IS Your Home Listed In? My posts are often inspired by everyday real estate life. The things that I see and hear daily. And some of them amaze me. And sadly,...

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Buford Highway Master Plan

There is buzz in many circles about Buford Highway....and it's future. And to guide the future, it's best to have plan to follow! Buford Highway Master Plan Back in February, 2016, the cities of Chamblee and Doraville received a grant from the Livable Centers...

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Amazon’s HQ2 – Could It Land in Atlanta

The development world is all abuzz with the recent announcement from Amazon that they plan to build a second headquarters somewhere in the U.S. (Toronto is on the list as well. ) What's the buzz about? The Specifications of Amazon's HQ2 The Project is a second...

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10 Tips to Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

You've listed your home For Sale...and we want to SELL it as fast as possible. Here are 10 Tips to Improve Your House's Curb Appeal that will help get those people IN the front door. Give your entry a facelift with either a new front door, or a new coat of paint or...

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