The City of Chamblee has long had the motto, “A City on the Right Track,” and it is certainly still very true. The City recently launched a new website, and now promotes “Community Feel Global Appeal.” And numerous City projects confirm that things are happening in Chamblee!

City of Chamblee Peachtree Road Streetscape Project Kicks Off

The City has started in the Peachtree Road Streetscape, working to design and determine the best options for roadway, sidewalk and other amenities along the Peachtree Road corridor in the Downtown Chamblee area. This will include extensions to the Chamblee Rail Trail.

City of Chamblee Streetscape Project

Considering that a substantial length of the Peachtree Road segment is bounded on one side by the railroad and MARTA tracks, and on the other side of the street by existing buildings. The city will be working with Clark Patterson Lee to collect information and develop a schedule for community engagement. The challenges include working within the already built environment to design and develop a streetscape plan and trail plan that can transition between that existing development and new developments that are proposed, or under construction in the Downtown Chamblee area.

According to the City’s website, the project will be broken into numerous and overlapping tasks:

Peachtree Road Streetscape ChambleeTask 1:  Information Gathering/Existing Conditions

Task 2:  Concept Development

Task 3:  Community Engagement

Task 4:  Concept Conclusion

Task 5:  Adoption by City Council

Task 6:  Construction

One way the City plans to engage the residents is through a survey, which is to be posted on the City Website. Later in the year there will be a Pub Crawl and Critique event….an open house if you will … For people to see the initial design concepts and comment on them.

The planning phase of the project will run from June through October. Then, construction drawings will be initiated, followed by construction. Keep our site bookmarked, or watch the City of Chamblee’s site for more information about the City of Chamblee Peachtree Road Streetscape Project.

Exciting times for Chamblee, for sure! If you have specific questions about the project, you can contact Rebecca Keefer, City of Chamblee Deputy Development Director at 470-395-2335.

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