Listing Your Home in What CityYour first thought is ,”Well Duh…’s listed in _________” (fill in the blank for your city) Oh? What City IS Your Home Listed In?

My posts are often inspired by everyday real estate life. The things that I see and hear daily. And some of them amaze me. And sadly, they affect the sale of YOUR home. You hired a real estate professional, right? So they know all the right things to do, right? Well, unfortunately, wrong. 

So, to my subject for today…..What CITY IS your home listed in?

Let’s say you live in the actual city limits of Doraville. It’s a small actual city, located ITP. (Inside the Perimeter if you are reading this and don’t live in Atlanta) But, you can list Atlanta as your address, and you will still get your mail. But, will your HOME show up in a home search? Yes. Or…No.

Take a look at this listing, in Northwoods, a subdivision IN the CITY of Doraville…

Where is Your Home listed

While I have removed the street address, MLS number and Broker ID, you will get the picture. There are many ways a real estate professional will search for homes. And the same is said for a consumer. So, let’s think like YOU…the Buyer looking for a home. You’ve determined, through whatever process, that you want to live in Doraville. But if you searched “Doraville” as a city, this listing will not come up. Because the home is listed in ATLANTA!!!! And honey, we are not in the CITY of ATLANTA in Doraville. Now, if you know the neighborhood is Northwoods, you may find it then. Or if you know the Doraville zip code, you may find it then. But this very home could miss YOUR radar screen when you are searching on line. 

Now as a real estate broker, when I search for homes, many times I already have a search built in the MLS. As an example, I have one for Northwoods, but I have the CITY listed in my search as DORAVILLE, because I know that Northwoods is in Doraville, NOT in Atlanta. Now the above home DOES come up in my MLS search because of how I have built it. But considering how far Doraville actually is from Atlanta, this home might be sold if it was listed in the correct city. (It’s been on the market since July!) 

So, how do you know What City Your Home Is Listed In?  Ask your agent for a COPY of the MLS printout for YOUR HOME! Look at it and review it. Hey, we are human and mistakes can be made. There are LOTS and LOTS of little boxes that have to be checked when we enter a listing. And the wrong one might get checked. Yes, you hired a professional, but in this case, you can “check our work!” You can’t do that with a doctor, but you can with the sale of your home. I always look at this as a TEAM effort.  

There is nothing wrong with checking our work…and making sure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. 


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