How is Your Home Being MarketedOn a daily basis, I search the Multiple Listing Service. You probably do as well. Just in a different fashion. There are multiple websites you may land on in your search for a home. We hope will be a preferred choice. But wait, I digress. We were talking about searching on the MLS.

During those searches, I often act much like you, a potential buyer, in what I see, and read. And from a marketing perspective, I just go…wow! I so often wonder, do Seller’s EVER go look at how their home is actually being marketed to the potential Buyer? I have to think not…or you would never let those photos be published, or you’d take a read at how your home is being described (marketing) to the public.

Priceless Listing Photos at MyMidownMojo on Facebook

Yes, this is an ACTUAL photo on a listing!

Over on our Facebook Page, we publish our PRICELESS Listing Photos. (Take a hope over there and like the page, and you’ll get to join in on the fun!) These are actual photos taken from the MLS of how homes are being marketed by real estate agents. Most of the time they are in the Atlanta market place, but occasionally we’ll find some we just have to share from other parts of the country.

From photos of door knobs, to blurred photos, sideways photos and the overall condition of the interior of the home….you have to wonder if the Seller really wants to sell, or if the agent did not coach the Seller on how to prepare their home for photography as well as potential buyers coming through it.

While I like to think I’m a pretty good writer, when it come to describing the features and benefits of what is the most important ASSET YOU OWN, I consider it a team effort. Once I have a listing complete, and in the MLS, I send YOU a link so you can see the description. And I ask for your opinion as well. Afterall, it’s a TEAM effort to sell your home or condo. We work together to get the potential buyers to see your home, and you work to keep it show ready (yes, that’s a pain alright) and be available for showings, sometimes on short notice.

There is another part of the marketing piece that is probably even more important, and that is price. Look at this:

How is your home being marketed

So this particular home was placed on the market in October, 2016. The Seller made ONE, repeat, ONE price adjustment after about 3 weeks on the market. And that was it. It sat there until the listing expired on January 8, 2017. Now, enter NEW agent (the Seller did not relist with the first agent) and where is the price? At the price that the home did not sell for during the last 60 days!!! Probably would not have been our pricing strategy. Home is in a great location, and from the photos, shows well. So, we are going to keep an eye on this one, and will update this post on what’s happening.

If you are looking to sell your home, let’s sit down and talk about how we can best market your home!

Contact us, and we will get right back to you to schedule a time to meet! I can hardly wait!

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