Georgia Real Estate Contract 2018We work with many first time home buyers….and they may have been searching online for a home or condo, but they often ask many questions related to “How to Buy a Home in Metro Atlanta?” And we always say NO question is a bad question! We want you to fully understand every step of the home buying process, and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

How To Buy a Home in Metro Atlanta

Buying a home involves making an offer to purchase that home, or in more legal terms, you write a contract. In Georgia real estate, we call that document (for the most part) the Purchase and Sale Agreement. As a side note, you could write your offer on a sheet of legal pad paper, and the listing agent is required, BY LAW, to present your offer to the Seller. They can counter on the actual forms, but they have to present your offer. We prefer to skip that step and help you submit your offer with the Georgia Real Estate Contract.

Each year, the Purchase and Sale Agreement and supporting exhibits go through a review process by the Forms Committee and the Georgia Association of REALTORS. The changes in the past couple years have been minimal, but they are always (well, usually always) good changes to make the document easier for everyone to understand. At one point, the contract had areas where you had blanks to fill in on each page, and it made it difficult or both they Buyer and the Seller to really understand the terms of the offer. Fast forward to 2018, where the contract has been designed to have the key elements of the offer on Page One, and the supporting paragraphs for each item on Page One on the following pages. While those “following pages” get into the contract details, the key points such as the Property Description, Purchase Price, Closing Costs, Earnest Money and Due Diligence are all located on that first page.

The agreement is written to be fair to BOTH the Buyer and the Seller. Either side can make it be a more “one-sided” document via Special Stipulations added to the agreement, or by the terms entered on the Page One items like the Closing Date (far into the future) or a short Due Diligence Period.

As part of our initial Buyer Consultation, we provide you with a copy of the Purchase Agreement as well as the most likely Exhibits we think will be a part of your contract. It’s also available here on our website for you to look at as well.

If you are relocating to the Atlanta for another state, this also gives you an opportunity to understand our real estate process, which may be vastly different from where you are coming from.

You can find our 2018 Contract Package HERE. PART ONE    PART TWO

It is our purpose to make buying or selling your home as easy and as stress-free as possible. And it starts by helping you be an informed Buyer or Seller! You might be interested in hearing some of our clients Success Stories!

If you have any questions, just let us know!

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