Local real estate agentEver since I started in Real Estate in 2004, I’ve always been a firm believer that you cannot know every neighborhood. Or city. Or county. Seriously, from Peachtree City to Lake Lanier is close to 80 miles! Yet I’ve known an agent who has driven that far to show property. Whether they were from Peachtree City, or Lake Lanier, how can you possibly know an area that far away? So, comes the question, How Do You Know Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Know?

I see agents list homes all over the city. Rest assured, when a potential buyer pulls up in front of your Canton home, does not have an agent, and calls YOUR agent who’s office is in Decatur….that they probably won’t get a showing on that house that day. Would you not want your real estate agent to be somewhat close by in the event there was a potential buyer parked in front of your house? Depending on the time of day, I can be at a listing in my market area in 10-45 minutes. (I say that time frame with caution as Atlanta traffic can really hold you up….)

As it is, I’ve got a pretty broad area covered when I talk about the A,B,B,C and D’s of Atlanta Real estate. That would be “A” for Atlanta (and THAT would be Downtown through Midtown Atlanta) Buckhead, Brookhaven, Chamblee and Doraville. And I could say that I’m most versed in Midtown Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee and Doraville because I am IN those cities every day. EVERY. DAY. You don’t drive from Peachtree City to Lake Lanier every day.

Finding a local real estate agent

“Midtown Atlanta”

Unlike many agents I have met in the Atlanta area, when you tell me you want to look in Cobb County, you will hear me say, “Great! I have just the agent for you to work with!” And I refer you to another agent that KNOWS Cobb County. Now, would you not feel much better having heard that from me, than later be out in a neighborhood, and it become clear I know nothing about Cobb County. Good.

Because real estate is a LOCAL business. What happens in Alpharetta or Cumming is not the same as Midtown Atlanta or Chamblee. Shoot, event between Midtown and Chamblee is a difference, but they are in close proximity to each other so I can keep up on what is happening. But you should hire a LOCAL real estate agent. Say you come to me to LIST your home in Canton because you want to downsize to a Midtown Atlanta condo. AGAIN, I’d refer you to an agent that knows your area in Canton (if you did not have someone in mind) and I’d help you find the condo in Midtown Atlanta, that I know like the back of my hand!

How Do You Know Your Real Estate Agent Doesn't Know

“Historic Downtown Chamblee”

So, How Do You Know Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Know?

Ask questions about the area. About the market in those specific areas. The ease of answering those questions will be a quick indicator you are working with a local real estate agent. Not someone that just “wants” your business, but wants to help you make the right real estate decision.

So, if you are looking in Midtown, Brookhaven or Chamblee, let’s talk. Cobb County…maybe not.

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