Atlanta has some freeways…and probably not enough of them if you were to ask any motorist on during morning or afternoon rush hour. And all that asphalt is not to pretty to look at out an office window or a luxury condo. For a section of GA 400 in Buckhead…that is going to change! Just imagine a Park Over GA 400!

Park Over GA 400 Moves Forward

In a press conference on Wednesday, July 26th, The Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) along with Roger Partners Architects+Urban Designers, released new project renderings and a timeline of development for what looks to be a very impressive addition to Buckhead!

Park Over GA 400 Moving Ahead

The announcement said the BCID will work between now and December to develop further details of the park, a plan to name it (will they be more creative than Georgia 400 Park?) as well as create a nonprofit organization to manage construction and operations and prepare the engineering, design and permits…to start in January 2018.

Now don’t go rushing off to pack a picnic basket or grab your bike. 2020 is the planned date for the “ground breaking” and the park would open in 2022, and be fully operational by 2023. So we got 6 years to plan our first night out!

The plans shown in this What Now Atlanta article show an open concept that reduces the costs of the project while connecting it directly to the Buckhead MARTA station and 10 other pedestrian locations in Buckhead. Originally, the plans called for a tunnel.

In the illustration

If what we see, is what we get….well I’ll certainly give it a 2 thumbs up WOW!

Stay tuned!

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