Atlanta Real Estate Buyers Guide Shopping For Your New HomeIn this series of articles (which can all be found at our Atlanta Real Estate Buyer’s Guide Page) I’m helping you understand the process of buying your next home or condominium. There is a process, or steps you need to go through, which will make buying your next home much easier.

We’ve talked about Finding Your Agent, (that’s why you’re here!), the importance of getting your pre-approval for your mortgage in place, and looking at your wants and needs in your next home. Now, it’s time to go shopping!

Shopping For Your New Home

We will BOTH be looking for potential homes for you at the same time. You’ll be on the Internet, hopefully using our Home Search Feature right here. But I understand, you may have found a site before we met that you are comfortable using. Either way, whenever or where ever you find a home you like, you always want to call ME! You’ll be excited and tempted to call the name listed on the listing, but they are not your agent. That is what I am here for. You simply just have to give me the MLS number ( it will start with a 5 or a 0) and I’ll get all the information about the home or condo you have found. Just email me, or even text me the MLS number and I can start researching that house!

But while you are searching the Internet, I’ll be looking in the MLS as well. Hopefully we will find the same houses, but maybe not. I might find one you missed, and you might find one I missed. That’s how we work as a team in finding the right house that meets your wants and needs!

Looking at Homes and Condos

So, we’ve found the first 10 homes we are going to look at. (When I take you out to look at homes, the MOST we will ever look at in one day is Ten. Anymore than that, and you will be lost and confused. When we meet, I’ll present you with a Home Tour Booklet. It will have information about each of the homes or condominiums that we are going to view. If time has permitted, I will have already previewed these homes, and have a pretty good idea of what  you might think. Also, by previewing the homes, I’m better informed to tell you about each one as we tour them.

Part of the Atlanta Real Estate Buyers Guide is your Home Tour Booklet. You’ll use it to make notes about what you like, or don’t like in each home. You might even rule a home out from any consideration at all. That page will get a line drawn through it. Our goal…at the end of they day, you’ll rank your Top Three homes that you’ve seen. If there was not another home to look at, and you had to make a decision today, what would be your First Choice? Plus, but the end of the day, you’ll forget which house had which!

I’m also asked if you can take pictures of a home so you have your OWN memory of the house to look at later. Vacant homes are no problem, and if the home is occupied, I always use caution as to what you want to take photos of that are perhaps already part of the listing.

In our next column, we’ll look at Making the Offer — The Contract!

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