What are the city limits of Chamblee GANow that might seem like a silly question, but people looking for a home search daily for a specific city or even a neighborhood or condominium building. So why then the question, Where is Chamblee, GA? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask.

How Do You Search For a City?

You have to love the power of the Internet and our best friend Mr. Google. (Ok, maybe you prefer Ms. Google?) You can pretty much type anything into the search bar, and find a few thousand, if not a 100,000 suggestions for your question. But when you search for a specific city, are you getting the right information?

The Zip Code Does Not a City Make

The city limits of a city are defined by…well, the city. Or some form of government when the city was formed. Those limits can change through the process of annexation, whereby a city adds to, or extends it’s city limits. But a Zip Code, does not necessarily match a city’s limits. And this is important for any number or reasons, some which could be:

  • School Districts that are within city limits
  • Local City taxes
  • City Services provided (such as police, garbage, roads, etc)

I happened to be on the REALTOR.com website this morning. And through a process of clicks I ended up checking out Chamblee, a city and area I know well and work in daily. Take a look at the two Chamblee “maps” below:

What are city limits of Chamblee Georgia

Seem to be a bit different, right? The map on the left IS the City Limits of Chamblee. The map on the right, from REALTOR.com is a Chamblee ZIP CODE map. So you can see that the U.S. Postal service considers Chamblee a different area. If you live on the outside of I-285 on the map on the right, and get a registered, certified letter you need to sign for, you will be going to the post office in Downtown Chamblee to retrieve that piece of mail. (You might get that letter at the Post Office at Embry Hills Shopping Center too!)

Search Chamblee GA Homes For Sale HERE

How Your Real Estate Agent Can Help You Find the Right City

Now, I will be the first to confess, when it comes to schools, I want YOU to be confirming which schools your children will attend. There are various resources for this information, but I always defer to you to confirm that vital piece! I know how important your child’s school and education are to YOU!

But if you are looking for a location that has a more local police force for example, then you can look at cities like Chamblee, Doraville and Brookhaven, but again you have to be in the city limits to receive those services! Let’s defer back to our map above, on the right. The Chamblee Police will only respond to the areas on the left, in the City Limits of Chamblee! Those other locations will depend on DeKalb County for police protection. (Fire services are still a county wide function)

When you are looking for your next home, I completely understand your using lots of different resources in your search. But don’t forget to ask me about my resources so I can help you find Where is Chamblee GA!

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